We have decided that News Natter is coming back! We previously closed the doors at News Natter to focus on another project however after a lot of thought, we decided that we couldn’t close News Natter completely. We have a passion for publishing news and News Natter is an awesome way for us to keep that passion alive! So it’s time to relaunch our website and make it the best it can be! It’s time to make it better than it ever was before!

Firstly, we want you you to check out our awesome new logo:

Official news natter logo.

Looks good doesn’t it? You’ll be seeing that logo throughout our website and on any emails that we issue. It will also be visible on our social channels which will be Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for the moment.

We’ve pretty much got the design of the website ready to go but we’re looking into some technology before we start publishing news. We plan to implement the following features at launch:

  • News Natter Account – Users can sign up and connect with other readers. Various features will be built into the account including the ability to earn credits and badges.
  • Browser Notifications – Users will be able to sign up for notifications when we publish news on the likes of Google Chrome and Firefox.
  • Highlight & Share – You’ll be able to highlight any text on posts we publish and instantly share that post snippet to social networking sites.

We’re working on more features which need to be tested before they’re confirmed. Stay tuned to the website and our social channels. We’re still finalising our Facebook and Instagram accounts, but you can follow us on Twitter @WeAreNewsNatter.

Speak soon

Chris @ News Natter

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