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We’re Using The Latest Tech

Our new website is using the latest technologies. We want to create the best user experience possible and by doing this, we are creating the best reading environment possible across all devices.

Firstly, we are aware that other news websites exist out there. We are also aware that there are large news sources which will always be bigger than us. Having said that, we want to make something different. We’re designing our website to create the best user experience out there and when we’ve got that right, we could become one of the biggest news sources on the web.

We dream that one day News Natter will become your primary source for news but until then, we need to create the best news site that we can!

Once we launch, we guarantee you that we will be one of the best websites out there for switching between light and dark mode. As we focus on content, we will make sure that our content looks great regardless of which mode you view our website in!

Please stay tuned. Our launch is just around the corner!

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