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Our All-New Website Is Live!

We’re pleased to welcome you to our all-new website. now looks really fresh across desktop and mobile devices and we’ve even went back to our original logo which we hope you like!

One of the main reasons for redesigning our website was so we could introduce dark mode. Our new design allows you to switch between light mode and dark mode by flicking a switch (a button). We’ve made sure that our content looks amazing regardless of whether you’re browsing our website in light or dark mode!

We have also taken the opportunity to redesign our homepage so you get the latest content first along with new sections for trending and popular posts. We think it’s good for you to be able to see what’s popular on the site.

Our new design looks great across all devices too! If you’ve got your mobile in dark mode, our website will automatically detect this and display in dark mode too.

We’re excited about these featured! Look out for fresh content every day!

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