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Introducing iOS 14

Apple held their annual Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) yesterday and during that they provided detail on updates coming to Apple devices later this year. One of these updates was iOS 14. There are various new features coming to the mobile platform which will be welcomed by most of us so we’re creating this post to give you some detail on the main parts of iOS 14. We have also left a review at the bottom of our post on what we think about the upgrade!

Fresh New Widgets Experience

This update brings us more content rich widgets which are available in various sizes. You can still access widgets in the same way as you do now but there are several new widgets available which can also be displayed in a new grid layout. One major change is the fact that you can now drag widgets onto your home screen! This means you can have your usual app grid with widgets alongside them. This totally changes the way that you home screen looks but it makes it so much more customisable and individual to you.

App Library

Are you like us when it comes to apps? You install lots of them and only use like the first two pages of your home screen? Well, App Library is here to help you! You can now hide home screen pages and your App Library will only be 1 or 2 swipes away. App Library automatically puts your apps into categories so you can find them easier. It basically creates folders on your iPhone without you having to and it even suggests apps that you might want to use thanks to it’s machine learning technology.

Compact Calls

Don’t you hate it when you’re doing something on your iPhone and you get a call through because it takes over your screen! Compact Calls are going to solve that by displaying incoming calls as a drop down notification. This means that when someone calls you, you can just swipe the notification away if you can’t or don’t want to answer at the moment.

Picture in Picture

You are now able to use other apps when you are watching a video or are on FaceTime to someone WITHOUT the video pausing! This is a welcome addition to devices! So let’s say you’re discussing a news article with a friend on FaceTime, you can now discuss it with them live while scrolling the article!


Apple are rolling out a few updates to their Messaging app. They are:

  • Pinned Conversations – You’ll be able to pin up to 9 conversations in a grid format within the Messages app. This will allow you to quickly access important conversations.
  • Group Photos – A photo can be added to group conversations to personalise it more.
  • Mentions – You can now mention specific people in a group chat and recipients can customise chats to only receive notifications when mentioned.
  • Inline Replies – Sometimes group chats can get muddled with lots of chat happening at once. Thanks to inline replies, you can now reply to specific messages and see them beside each other in the conversation.
  • New Memoji Styles and Stickers – Apple have further advanced Memoji by introducing new looks.

There are also further enhancements coming to Apple Maps with the introduction of Cycle Routes and Guides on places to visit. Apple is also working on making it easier to speak with any language with an all new translate app.

Siri is receiving a huge update which will totally improve the way we use the voice assistant. Usally Siri would open in full screen but the new update makes it appear like a notification. This is much better as you can use Siri while using other apps. For the first time, Siri will also allow you to send audio messages.

Apple HomeKit is also receiving various updates including suggested automations. Would you like devices to switch on as you arrive home? Thanks to the new automation suggestions, Apple HomeKit will guide you through the process of making this happen.

Apple Safari has new features which will help you feel more secure when browsing. If a website is not secure, Safari will let you know this. It also has a new privacy report which helps you better understand how the website treats your privacy.

CarPlay is going to have some awesome new features including the ability to unlock your car if you have a compatible vehicle. A new BMW is in the works and this is set to have this feature available at launch. If you don’t have a compatible car, don’t worry as there are still some great new features such as the ability to set custom wallpapers on CarPlay and even the ability to order food!

Apple is also introducing App Clips so you have access to apps right at the moment you need them. The best way to describe App Clips is if you visit a store and you need their app to pay for an item, you can simple swipe your phone at a compatible symbol and get instant access to the app as an App Clip! This means that app isn’t installed on your device yet you can use the features you need from it anyway.

Apple is big on Privacy. They always set this out when they release new products and services as it’s at the heart of everything they do. Now Apps on the app store provide privacy information on their pages so you can view this before deciding to download the app. Whenever an app is using your microphone or camera, you will now see a recording indicator on screen to let you know about this. Apple has also upgraded Sign In with Apple to allow users to take advantage of the service within an app instead of only when they first install it. You can now choose to only share your approximate location instead of your exact location with apps.

iOS 14 will be compatible with the following devices:

  • iPhone 11
  • iPhone 11 Pro
  • iPhone 11 Pro Max
  • iPhone XS
  • iPhone XS Max
  • iPhone XR
  • iPhone X
  • iPhone 8
  • iPhone 8 Plus
  • iPhone 7
  • iPhone 7 Plus
  • iPhone 6s
  • iPhone 6s Plus
  • iPhone SE (1st generation)
  • iPhone SE (2nd generation)
  • iPod touch (7th generation)

For a full list of features as well as visuals for the new iOS 14, visit the official apple website at:

Below you’ll find our review of the new features offered. Thank you for reading this post. Please let us know your thoughts in the comments.

iOS 14 Review

iOS 14 Review
We have created this review based on the new features announced for iOS 14.
We have created this review based on the new features announced for iOS 14.
Total Score
  • Widgets on the Home Screen
    90/100 Amazing
    We think this is a great idea and it will make iPhone screens look more personalised to the individual. We didn't give this full marks as we think it should have been introduced in previous versions of iOS. We feel that iOS has always lacked Home Screen customisation.
  • App Library
    85/100 Amazing
    This is a great feature to introduce and it will help us find apps so much quicker. This is something that iOS has had for a while though! While we welcome this addition to iOS, we can't help but feel that it has been added a bit late.
  • Picture In Picture
    95/100 The best
    About time Apple! This is a great new addition iOS. Being able to discuss something that's happening on another app while talking to a friend really appeals to us! Well done with this addition!
  • Messages
    100/100 The best
    Apple without a doubt has one of the best native messaging apps around but it battles with third party providers such as Messnger and WhatsApp. We welcome these new features to the app and can't wait to see them in action!
  • Siri
    100/100 The best
    Really impressed with the new Siri updates. Siri has always been a well-known voice assistant and taking away the full screen mode is a great new change!
  • Compact Calls
    100/100 The best
    Yes please!! Being able to view calls as a notification is awesome!!
  • App Clips
    90/100 Amazing
    They sound good but we don't know enough about them to score full marks! Will need to see how they work when they are rolled out!

The Good

  • Customisation
  • Enhanced Privacy
  • Messages Improvements
  • Compact Call Notifications
  • Picture In Picture

The Bad

  • Having to wait for update
  • Features have been a long time coming
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