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Apple Moving From Intel to its own processors in Macs

As per our previous post, yesterday was the launch of Apple’s Wordwide Developers Conference (WWDC) event for 2020. As expected, Apple announced lots of changes coming to it’s platforms including iOS, iPadOS and WatchOS. In addition to this, they also announced big changes coming to Apple Macs which is a huge leap forward for the company.

At the moment, Apple Mac computers are powered by Intel processors but after years of development, Apple has announced that they will be moving to their own chips. This is a huge advancement for the company as it allows them to develop apps which deeper integrate with the hardware across Mac devices.

The Apple silicone project is all about creating processors which are powerful and energy efficient, this means the battery life on other mac products such as the Macbook could be improved substantially.

Now that the company are launching their own chips, Applications will need to adapt their code to run seamlessly on the new platform. This isn’t something that has to be done right away as thanks to Apple’s Rosetta 2, existing applications will be able to have their code translated so that their applications can be run on the new Macs.

As the new chip is Apple developed, Apps for iPhone and iPad will be compatible with the new Mac computers. This means that you have access to the full app store and can take advantage of a huge variety of apps.

At the moment, developers are able to learn and develop their code for the new chips. As this is a big move, Apple has said it will take about 2 years for the full move to silicone systems. They are expecting the first silicone powered computers to ship later this year.

Stay tuned as we have more updates from WWDC 2020 on the way!

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