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Apple Developer Conference is Tomorrow

It’s almost time for Apple to host their Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) which gives an update on their software offerings across many devices as well as some hardware releases.

What can we expect to see!

Hardware wise, Apple is expected to make some announcements around iMacs. They are planning to launch an ARM chip on Mac computers and they may be giving us an early preview as to what that will look like. There is also rumours that there will be an unveil of a brand new iMac. If this is true, it will apparently be the first major redesign that the iMac has seen in years.

Now let’s talk software…

The main part of this event will reveal software updates coming to our iOS devices later in the year.

iOS 14

Apples mobile operating system iOS is expected to receive it’s annual update which will introduce new features. Here are the features that we’re hoping (expecting) to see:

  • List View – It’s expected that apps on the homescreen may get a list view option so you can access your apps in a different way instead of swiping from screen to screen.
  • Fitness App – Lots of companies have brought out fitness apps over the years so surely it’s Apple’s turn to do the same? Apple like to keep most services under one roof so we’re sure there will be some kind of fitness offering. Especially when they have the Apple Watch as well!
  • Messages – It is thought that Apple will make improvements to its Messaging app specifically around group chats. You may be able to @mention friends in group chats and also see when certain recipients are typing.
  • Third Party Default Apps – Are you someone who doesn’t like the default mail application for example? It is though that Apple will be allowing third party apps to truly take over and be set as your default application.

Watch OS 7

Apple Watch is a fantastic piece of kit but there is still room for improvement when it comes to software. Here are the rumours for the latest changes to land on Apple Watch:

  • Sleep Tracking – We haven’t seen many rumours about this but we want this to happen so much! We use third party applications to track our sleep with Apple Watch but we’d love for Apple to release their own app to track sleep! This would save having to rely on third party applications. Other providers like FitBit already provide built in support for sleep functions.
  • Share Your Face – It is thought that users will be able to share clock faces with each other.

Those are just some of the predictions from Apple’s Event. Tune into the live stream of the event for full detail on the changes that are being made.

Apple’s WWDC 2020 will kick off with Apple’s keynote at 10am local time (PDT) on Monday 22 June. That translates to 6pm UK time. You can watch it via streaming. We recommend you visit or download the ‘Apple Developer’ app to see the stream live on Apple device.

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