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Lidl Are Selling An Inflatable Hot Tub for £299 Later This Month

Lidl are well known for their offers in the Middle of Lidl! You can always pick up a bargain in store.

On 28 June 20, Lidl will be selling an inflatable 4 person hot tub! At £299.00, this is an absolute steal for you and 3 other people to enjoy!

Should we get technical now and tell you about it’s features?

  • It features 118 dynamic air jets which massage your body and create bubbles.
  • Fits up to 4 people.
  • 1,500W heating power with a maximum temperature of 42ºC.
  • Includes filter cartridge, drain hose adaptor, combination lock and cover with zip.

This is a product recommendation so for the latest information including pictures of the product, please visit

Let us know if your purchase this product and we’d like to do a review on it!

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