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Grab Yourself a Zoofari Dog Bed with Shade at Lidl this Thursday!

Lidl will be selling some fresh pet supplies in the Middle of Lidl from Thursday 25/06/20. One of these items is a Zoofari Dog Bed with Sun Shade selling for just £19.99.

Image Credit: Lidl

This item is quite large so it will fit most dogs. It’s the perfect spot of shade for your four-legged friend. The bed is also raised off the floor purposely so it gives your dog plenty of ventilation as it shields away the sun. If you want to use it as just a bed, the sun shade can be removed as it’s detachable.

Most Lidl stores open at 8am so this will be in stores from then on Thursday.

Other items are also available such as agility toys, cat flaps and car seat covers.

A full list of what’s available can be found at Lidl’s official website:

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